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Finding the Motivation to Start Exercising


Exercise is essential for healthy aging. In one of their studies, the National Institute on Aging discovered that exercise, particularly for older adults, can help reduce the impact of cognitive decline and may aid in longevity.

As a result, Daily City Home Care’s home care services ensure that each of our senior clients gets daily exercise with their peers. We can encourage our seniors to participate and improve their bodies while they are with us with the help of our care staff.

Despite this, our non-medical home care services understand that not all of our residents want to exercise. Some of our clients believe they no longer need to exercise, possibly due to a medical condition or their natural shyness. As a result, we always make an effort to encourage our seniors and assist them in finding their motivation by doing the following:

  • Providing a wide range of exercises

    We spice things up by not sticking to one regimen only. Not all seniors have the same abilities. We make exercise enjoyable, interesting, and fun. We get creative with endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises.

  • Prioritizing daily exercise

    We occasionally allow seniors to participate in other forms of exercise, such as dancing, outdoor games, and even chores like gardening. We frequently incorporate these types of activities throughout the day as part of our veterans care in California.

  • Making workouts a social event

    Our caregivers can provide areas at home where our seniors can exercise alone, but we also let them engage with friends outside. Letting them join an exercise group can be a great idea.

As a provider of compassionate personalized care in Daly City, California, we strive to maintain our senior clients’ overall well-being to promote happy aging.

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